3D Advertising - Turbo Boost for your marketing campaigns

360 video 360 photo 3D 3D Animation Marketing 01. 09. 2019 Ira Barvinska 3D Advertising - Turbo Boost for your marketing campaigns

3D advertising is different, exciting, polarized and extremely profitable for advertisers ... and is still (too) rarely discussed in US. In fact, little or nothing is heard and is not read about one of the most effective marketing tools, even if they have been used in our daily lives for many years, and there are practical examples and technical documents that confirm their attractiveness and effectiveness.

3D advertising campaigns are a comprehensive Turbo Boost for companies that attract an audience. They attract attention with great potential for increasing reach, brand awareness, brand consideration, product perception and willingness to buy in a very short time. Case studies show that 3D advertising significantly increases engagement, as well as increases the number of views and CTR.

What implementation options exist in the field of 3D marketing and how companies from different industries use them for themselves, you will learn in this article.

3D advertising: many options for implementation, suitable for any industry and any budget

What initially caused unrest in the cinema and on television quickly found its reflection in the fields of construction, real estate, architecture, technology, automobiles, tourism, furniture and furniture, as well as research and development, and soon in the food and pharmaceutical industries, textiles. The leisure and beauty industry, healthcare and education, as well as aviation, the hotel business, etc. are just a few examples. Since 3D advertising is universal, it is not industry-specific and can be used by all advertisers as an effective marketing tool.

The different implementation options are not only suitable for developing individual advertising campaigns but are also solutions for every budget. But one thing is always certain with 3D Marketing: maximum attention and an advertisement where you do not just scroll over.

Classic 3D video ad formats

• 3D video

• 360 ° video

• AR (Augmented Reality) video

• Virtual tour as a video

Classic ad formats for 3D advertising (Banner)

• 3D image

• 360 ° image

Typically, banner ads distinguish between static and dynamic, where static describes a traditional still image and dynamically displays an advertisement in which “something is happening,” such as moving elements, such as a GIF image or video. Another aspect that can be distinguished in advertising in 3D displays is the increase in “interactivity”. Formats of interactive 3D advertising allow the viewer to somehow interact with the content.

In this article, we deal exclusively with dynamic and interactive 3D Display ads.

Exciting 3D ads are more fun - and that's the point!

No matter how diverse the options for implementation, they all have one thing in common: they should be fun and cause positive emotions in the audience, which they must associate with the company. And this is exactly what they do, regardless of whether they are “regular” three-dimensional video without interaction or a three-dimensional image with moving content.

When developing an effective advertising campaign in 3D, however, it should be borne in mind that the real power and real attractiveness of 3D marketing lie precisely in this “exciting interaction”. 3D advertising should allow viewers to "plunge" into a new world (immersive) and make them through interactions to actively cope with this.

To implement your 3D advertising campaign, this means using a combination of dynamic and interactive 3D advertising. How exactly something may look, the following examples are given from a wide variety of industries.

3D advertising examples from various industries

1. Food manufacturer Barcel USA:Takis 3D ad campaign

Since the second quarter of 2018, Barcel USA has literally delivered five promotional 3D videos “in the ring” for its Takis chips and, according to their own statements, achieved their goals in the shortest possible time. 3D commercials brought a lot of good mood and fun - and it arrived.

Since the third quarter of 2018, an entire 3D advertising campaign has been launched, consisting of three different 3D formats. The Takis 3D ad campaign consists of …

- An interactive 3D image in which viewers can rotate the Takis chipset in all directions.

- 360 ° video from the “Battle of Dance”, in which 5 dancers with the Takis package dance in a circle and represent one of five varieties. The viewer can freely move in a circle of 360 ° and get carried away.

- An interactive 360 ° video game in which the dancers switch to hip kicks again and the audience finds Takis's hidden packs.

At the start of the campaign, the IRI announced that the 3D Takis campaign far exceeded its goals. The level of commitment increased by 7.7% compared to previous campaigns (2).

2. Millclock watch manufacturer:Nixie Clock 3D Product Video and Nixie Tube Watch 3D Product Visualization

A mini-Nixie Tube Watch with a mini-handset and a Nixie ZIN 18 watch are presented in a video about 3D products in a way that is simply impossible in the real world: the components of a watch burst like an accordion and give an idea of a complex inner life - a method that often used in technology, textiles, and pharmaceuticals/healthcare. The illustration provides a wow effect and a better understanding of complex design.

Millclock has further expanded its reach and brand awareness through product videos, increasing visibility by 6.4% and engagement by 7.6% compared to previous campaigns (1).

3. Chemical company (household chemicals) Clorox:Interactive 3D banner Fresh Step

A manufacturer of cleaning products specifically designed for cat owners has launched aninteractive 3D banner game on its website in which users in the area can find cats and get “paw points” for them, which can then be exchanged for a discount. With the help of simple 3D, Clorox increased its assortment and thus received more attention for its Fresh Step cleaning products.

On average, site visitors interacted with the game for 45 seconds, minimizing the bounce rate. The clickthrough rate is also 6.5 times higher than in previous advertising campaigns (2).

4. Custom Closets from Jutzler Swiss Made:3D product video for closet systems

A custom-made Swiss enclosure manufacturer also relies on an engaging 3D product video or 3D product visualization, since no other format can present custom-made closets so realistically and aesthetically in a real environment. Simple black and white drawings require a vivid and trained imagination from consumers, but very few do. However, with the visualization of 3D products, this is no longer required.

The 3D product video significantly affected the reach, brand awareness and weight of the Jutzler Swiss Mode. Compared to previous campaigns, engagement rate increased by 6.7%, and clickthrough rate - by 4.9% (1).

5. Gastronomy:360 ° Interactive Video Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A chose a fun 360 ° interactive video for which the fast-food chain created its own microsite. In a 360 ° video, viewers talk about various landscapes, environments, and activities where cows do “uncooled” things: parachuting, diving, car racing and skiing, ballooning, etc.

Interactive 360 ° video created a 3 times higher level of a social activity than previous advertising campaigns, and viewers spend an average of 72 seconds on content. In addition, entertainment video has attracted increased attention to the brand (2).


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