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About our Process

26. 06. 2019 Natalia Bodemer About our Process

The videos are hand-drawn and all characters and backgrounds.

Our process:

We start by discussing:

- your ideas or what you want to present in the video.

- which technique suits you: whiteboard, 2D or 3D.

We write one or more scenarios to choose from and add some sample sketches with characters and backgrounds. You can choose which you like or make suggestions for improvement. Together with our copywriter we will create detailed storyboard and script for your video.

After the storyboard has been agreed upon, we will do a small (about 10 seconds) animation over the course of 48 hours. This is the beginning of your future full video clip.

You might pick a voice-over artist and they create the recording at this point - if needed. During development of the video, all steps are coordinated with you. We shouldn't diverge from the storyboard and the voice-over though - or only for additional charge.

The finished video might improved by suitable music and audio effects

That concludes the whole process and all the rights for the video are transferred to you.