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How do I order a videoclip?

To order a video you only need to send us a message through form in the end of the page and within 12 hours our manager will contact you to clarify details. Or give us a call!

How are the costs for the video clip calculated?

The price is calculated individually for each project. There are three main components on which the price of a video clip depends: 1. the length of the video 2. the difficulty of illustrations (or how elaborative 3D models are) 3. animation complexity Contact us and we will discuss the complexity of your project. Together we can work out the best solution for you, based on your budget and the goals of your video.

What does the length of the video depend on?

The length of the video depends on the amount of information you want to present to the viewer. Together with our copywriter we will create the text for the voice-over artist - the length of resulting recording will correspond to the length of the video. We recommend an ideal length of 1.5-2 minutes - this is enough to present your product or service optimally and unobtrusively, to keep viewer's attention. Such a video might contain an introduction, problem statement and a proposed solution in the form of your product. The viewers associate themselves with the characters of the movie and feels satisfied with your solution.

How will the storyboard for my video be created?

Based on your wishes and information provided to us, we will iteratively create a storyboard with you. No video can be started without an approved storyboard!

How long does it take to produce my video?

Overall, the creation of a video is at least 3 weeks, depending on the length and complexity of the video. Also depending on how quickly we are able to put a storyboard together with you. In urgent cases, we can discuss the deadlines individually. Every step in the production of the video will be coordinated with you.

I need my video urgently!

If the video is needed urgently, you can mention this in your message or during the conversation with our manager. We can speed up the production of the video clip by using more capacity, which makes the video a bit more expensive.

How can I control the progress on my project?

All steps in creating of your video will be coordinated with you. We work iteratively. You can always see the progress on your video, and we also give you the opportunity to make changes in the production process. The storyboard should not be changed after approval, as it will cause duplication of effort and additional expenses.

What information is needed to create my video?

Corporate logo and corporate style elements - in vector format - eps. If special fonts are to be used in the video, please indicate them as well. The rest of the material you want to use in the video (photos, pictures, videos) should be provided in good resolution.

In which format will I receive the video?

The video format, size and frame rate of the video are fully up to your choosing.

Where can I use the video?

Videos can be used anywhere on the Internet: on the landing page, for social networks, TV or as a pre-roll on YouTube. The only catch is that some voice-over artists require an increased rate if their voice is used in a paid advertisement channel (TV, Radio, internet ads, ...). You will be advised if this is the case with the artist picked by you, and the price will therefore be slightly increased.

Is there a possibility of a barter?

Yes, of course, if we your offer is appropriate, we are happy to work with you based on the barter deal.

How do I choose the right style for my video?

You can choose any style for your video, from Doodle to 3D animation, depending on the specificity and goals of your project. For advertising purposes, we recommend drawn doodle videos because they are now among the most popular in internet marketing. In any case, we are happy to advise you in this regard and together with you select the right style for your project.

How does the payment work and which are the payment methods?

The payment is done in two parts: 1. Prepayment After selecting the appropriate style for your video, finishing and approving the storyboard, as well as preparing several illustrations and signing the contract with you, detailing all the details, you will be charged a deposit of 25% of the purchase price. 2. Final payment The remainder should be transferred not later than 10 days after your video is finished. In addition to all the usual payment methods (bank transfer, PayPal, etc.) we also accept cryptocurrency.