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360 Degree Video & 360 Degree Photo = Ultimate Engagement

360 photo 360 video GK Animation videomarketing 29. 08. 2019 Natalia Bodemer 360 Degree Video & 360 Degree Photo = Ultimate Engagement

With a 360 degree Video and 360 Degree Photo you simply achieve more – Foremost an ultimate overall Engagement. And even though 2D advertising is powerful, comparing both ad formats show clearly that conventional 2D advertising can`t hold up against 360 Degree Videos and 360 Degree Photos. If maximum results in short time is what you`re after, then this one is for you!

360 degree video and 360 degree photo enhances attention and sensitivity

With 360 ° video and photographs, viewers can independently examine the environment and action from a fixed point of view (camera) from any angle.

The viewer is invited to interact in order to actively engage in the content of the video or photo. In a regular 2D video, you give viewers where and what to look at and take it stubbornly through the content. As a result, most viewers can significantly reduce their attention span and receptivity.

Storytelling andvideo marketing is good - 360 ° video and photo are better

Basically, the higher the degree of immersion, the more successful the advertising campaign.

Preference is given to (advertised) video in a set of narrative formats, which should reach an emotional immersion at a personal address. So far, it works so well that it is considered one of the most effective forms of marketing - but only until the comparison with 3D marketing is made, because classic 2D marketing has no chance against them - and quite simply from. with the fact that the freedom of autonomous navigation and the ability to interact independently with video creates a much higher level of immersion than is possible in 2D video:

360 ° photos have 410% higher ROI and 300% higher СTR (!!)

For 360 ° video, the average return on investment is 14% higher and the video completion rate is 46% (!!)

360 degrees video and 360 degrees photo = Ultimate engagement

In general, 3D ad formats have a significant impact on all the key performance indicators (KPI) of the toolbar and provide remarkable leaps. The same goes for 360 ° video and 360 ° images that fall into the field of 3D marketing. Key interaction figures are particularly noticeable, such as…

  • Video Views
  • Video Completion Rate (% VCR)
  • Average Time Spent
  • Total Time Spent

Currently, the world is dominated by well-known large corporations that work with advertising in 3D, and less than a few small and medium-sized companies. Accordingly, significant extras, facts, and statements on the topic are rare, but they exist. For example, companies that specifically conduct 360 ° video and photo campaigns, such as Mercedes, Universal Pictures, Cathay Pacific, Cartier, Johnny Walker, Home Depot, Bank of America, Samsung, Microsoft, Red Bull, Gucci, Fleming's. and much more - an increase in at least two of the following attributes:

  • Brand Recall
  • Brand Awareness
  • Brand Consideration
  • Brand Favorability
  • Product Awareness
  • Preference
  • Social Engagement

360 degrees video and 360 degrees photos is not an industry solution

The first idea of many advertisers is that 360 ° videos and photos are captured in the industry and are suitable only in the field of games, real estate /architecture/construction, technology and tourism. Although it’s true that they almost naturally fit into these industries, we have already seen and developed many very creative implementations of 360 ° videos and photographs from various industries. Moreover, they always achieved the goals of the marketing campaign as soon as possible and even surpassed them for the most part.

Thus, 360 ° Video Marketing has also established itself as a chipmaker, for restaurants, cats and insurance solutions, as well as for alcoholic beverages such as whiskey. And even in 360 ° fashion, videos and photos are good. They are just as good with jewelry, bespoke furniture, orange juice and more. Really good implementations of 3D advertising from a wide variety of industries can be found in our article “3D Advertising - Turbo Boost for Your Marketing Campaigns.”

In any case, there’s always one thing in 3D advertising, whether it’s 3D video/photo or 360-degree video or photo: an ad format that no one just scrolls through.