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Video Marketing KPIs: Measuring the Success of Your Videos

videomarketing GK Animation KPI 26. 07. 2019 Video Marketing KPIs: Measuring the Success of Your Videos

So! You have heard a lot about the fact that videos sell well, you ordered a video, but now you don’t understand how to measure its effectiveness.

The first question you have to answer is what goal you want to achieve with this video, and the rest is a textbook.There are 4 key stages in the sales funnel: Awareness, Interest, Decision, Action. Each of which has its own KPI.

Stage 1. Awareness


  • IMPRESSIONS - shows how many times your video pops up in users feed
  • VIEWS - this indicator is always less or equal to the number of impressions. It means how many people watched your video, finding it in feed (depending on the platform: FB/IG - 3 seconds, YouTube - 30 seconds.)
  • UNIQUE USERS - less or equal to the number of views.

Displays how many people watched your video several times in a row and/or rewound.

What is the practical application of such statistics? For example, you want to promote an event, or promote your brand/product, but you have a small budget. You run video ads on Facebook using the “reach” option to show the video to the largest number of people. Upon completion of advertising, go to Google Analytics and compare on your own how many people visited your site/made a purchase before, during and after the promotion.

Stage 2: Interest


  • Click-Through Rate (CTR) - the number of people who clicked on your video to play it (they are interested in this topic, or hooked by the title = you are moving in the right direction)
  • View-Through Rate is always less than or equal to CTR. The number of people who watched your video to the end.
  • Watch Time + Average Watch Time - how long people watched your video. The higher the number, the better. This means that people find your video useful and have watched it completely.

Stage 3. Decision

There are no KPIs here. This is something intangible that occurs in a person’s brain at the moment or after watching your video. That’s why we will immediately move on to the favorite item of all entrepreneurs.

Stage 4. Action

Do you remember in the beginning of the article we talked about the need to determine the goal at first? Here we are! The reason why you created the video, set up the targeting and analyzed a bunch of data. The moment when the user contacts with your company. It can be registration, purchase, call, comment - everything that leads to interaction. At this stage, the KPI is:

  • Conversion Rate - the main indicator of the effectiveness of your video (or any other advertising). The higher the percentage, the more successful your ad.

In marketing, every step is important, but no man is an island.

Entrust the creation of the video professionals from #gkanimation and calmly run your business processes.